3d grafikk: «Gul 16»

Bilde av FW-190 Gul 16

3D modell av Fw-190 Gul 16 laget i Blender 3d kombinert med foto fra Herdla hvor vraket av orginalen idag står utstilt.

Vektorgrafikk: «FixerBot»


Illustrasjon laget i Inkscape.

Animasjonsfilm: «Siste tokt for F8+AK»

Animasjonsfilm laget i 2013. Les mer

Produktdesign – Fra tegning til prototype

3d tegning og bilde av ferdig resultat.

3d tegninger og nede til venstre: bilde av ferdig resultat.

3D tegning: «Zombie Clown»

"Zombie Clown in the morning"


Eksempelbilde. 3d modellen av denne kan lastes ned fra Blendswap.

Eksempelbilde. 3d modellen av denne kan lastes ned fra Blendswap.com.

Vektorgrafikk: «Scary Zombie»

Bilde av zombie

Illustrasjon laget i Inkscape.

Videopresentasjon: «GUL 16, frå krigsfly til kulturminne»

Videopresentasjon laget i 2009. Les mer

3D tegning: «Paint»

Laget dette som et konkurransebidrag.

«Paint». Laget dette som et konkurransebidrag.

3D tegning: «Close Call»


Konkurransebidrag: «Close Call»

3D tegning: «Fantasy»

Enda et konkurransebidrag.

«Fantasy», Enda et konkurransebidrag.

3D tegning: «Submarine Pirates»

3d tegning

3d tegning «Adventure-style» laget som konkurransebidrag.


M.A.R.S. a Ridiculous Shooter – Norsk oversettelse

I 2011 stod jeg for oversettelsen av tekstinnholdet i PC-spillet M.A.R.S a Ridiculous Shooter.

Iglo.no – Arkiv for gratis programvare

Dette er en side som promoterer gratis programvare. hovedfokuset er på programmer utviklet med åpen kildekode. Jeg har programmert og designet dette nettstedet. Jeg står også for det redaksjonelle innholdet.


Aryas Eye – Nettside

Laget dene nettsiden for Aryas Eye. Siden er basert på WordPress plattformen. http://aryaseye.no/



  1. The Animation is really cool. I know how much work is behind those things. Good work!

    • Thank you! 🙂 And thank you for taking time to visit my site. It is indeed a lot of work. The finished piece is about 2 min. long and serves as part of an bigger exhibition (That’s why there’s no sound). I’ve been working at it as a side project for about a year. I was very happy when the exhibition finally opened last September. My animation was also very well received. A big moment for me. 🙂

      • Will you publish the final animations? Or is it not allowed for you? Shure its a big moment for you! If you work so much on something and get earned respect thats a fantastic feeling!

        Yeah i found your site as i was searching for you on Facebook 🙂 The Norwegian language makes it a bit difficult to understand, but thnx to Google Translator i can understand everything! Svar means Answer 🙂 now i know this!

        Im working on a Animated short too. Psst its a secret. And maybe i will release it in 20 Years 🙂 But at least i have the first scene and some smaller animations ready with a neat Story. Those things are crazy, you work one week for 10-15 seconds of animation. You know what im talking about!

        • Sorry for my always delayed «svar». Google translate got «that» right, but might struggle with the Norwegian grammatical some times.

          According to the contract I’m not the legal owner of the final movie, but I do believe the non-profit organisation eventually will make it available online when the exhibition is over. I’ll let you know. You are from Germany? right? The exhibition might just take a trip to Berlin also before it’s over, but not quite sure if that is settled yet.

          I prefer to share my blendering here, but also have a site at facebook.com/3dnett intended to show my 3d work (Probably could have made an greater effort to promote it though). Also have a profile at Googleplus, Blenderartists, Sketchfab, Blendswap & Devianart (Search for 3dnett if you like). In general I could spend more time on all of them.

          It «were» a secret you mean? It’s written online now :). I’ll be sure to look around for it in 20 years :). I really would like to see it. Judging by the Blender Nation competitions you must be an skilled artist. I’m sure the short will be great. I hope you get done a little before that though.
          If you want to get something finished on your own, I think the trick is to make less of it. But then again crucial details might get lost. The animations I have made to this date is not the most advanced as there are no character animations in them. Also I had to cut a few corners and skip some scenes to get finished in time. Guess I spent about 200 hours in Blender for the whole thing (That makes 1,6 hours for each second of finished movie for me). And then there is storyboard drawings and research… I sure know what you are talking about.

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