«In The Basement»


Ettersom det var jeg som fikk velge tema for helgens konkurranse på Blender Nation følte jeg meg nesten tvunget til å levere inn et bidrag denne gangen også. Det ble litt knapt med tid, men fikk levert inn et noenlunde ferdig bilde før midnatt søndag. Utsiktene er imidlertid labre denne gangen takket være sen innlevering og hard konkurranse. Det viktigste er nå engang å delta!

PS! Bildet inneholder en liten historie, men det kan være nødvendig å zoome litt inn for å få med seg de nødvendige detaljene. Mulig jeg gjør en ny «render» med et par justeringer og mer fokus på detaljene som utgjør historien i bildet.


Da var vinneren annonsert hos Blender Nation. Det var ikke meg denne gangen heller, men det gjør ikke noe 🙂 Jeg syntes vinnerbildet vant helt fortjent og det var mange sterke utfordrere.

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  1. Hey Dude i didnt saw you replied to my Picture on Blendernation. Thanks and yes you saw right its a Rat! Keep on blending 🙂 And see ya on the next Contest!

    1. I’ll keep on blending yes, but think I need a time of from those competitions. Have to attend to my household duties and spend time with my family, but I’ll be back.. 🙂

      1. Yeah take your time. Family and Friends belong to the few things that are more Important than Blender 🙂

          1. Oh hey. Didnt saw your reply again 😀 . This weekend i was busy with some other things from the real live hehe 🙂 But i also found some time to deepen my knowledge about the dopesheet and the NLA Editor. I started to make some Actions for my short.

            I wanted to participate, but i didnt found the time for it. I even had a nice Idea of what the Picture should look like. I wanted to remake one of my first Blender Pictures. A guy laying on a Bed in Jail. Thats a turnaround of the Theme «Safe Place» 🙂 To bad i didnt had time. Next weekend i will be back.

          2. Yeah, real life sometimes comes in the way :). I found that I could rather quickly turn my idea to a blend this time so I stayed up late blending on saturday.(Wish I had spent an extra hour before submitting though). I really don’t know nothing about the NLA editor, but I heard it can be a powerful tool, probably well worth learning. 🙂 Good to hear your working on the short. Maybe It won’t be 20 years after all.

            Actually I think your image could fit as a place of safety. I think in some cases a jail cell could be a safe place to be aswell, away from all the other prisoners and mean guards. 🙂 I’m eager to see your next composition

          3. Yeah next weekend i wanna make a bigger one again. I hope we get a good theme 🙂 Cant wait to see your entry too. Your Pictures always have a good idea behind it. Thats why Bart posted your image on the last Contest too. By the way Congratiolations for that 🙂
            There is more and more competetion on that and it gets harder and harder to get a good position. But thats also the fun of it. We have to sqeeze the best out of us!!!

          4. We’ll see. Hope I find time to participate. I’m glad that you and Bart among others spot the idea behind them 🙂 I do tend to make it difficult for myself though. Like the image above. Didn’t got the time to put in all the necessary details. Want to know the story it was supposed to tell? I’ll tell it anyway:

            A guy writes his new years resolutions as you might spot in the image (loose weight as nr.1). He unwraps his new running shoes he got for christmas and goes for a run. Shortly after he returns home throws his shoes in the bin and goes straight for the freezer to have him self an ice cream, unaware that his wife filled it up with mice traps (Smack!). Of course its always up to the viewer to make his/her version of it, but that was my idea. did you guess it? 🙂

            Your images too look very thought through btw. I also think you do a very good job completing them in time, so does a lot of the Blender Nation visitors and contestants :). Good luck in the next competition! 🙂

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